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5 Things That Happen When Your Contracting Company Hires A Coach or Advisor

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

The contracting game is a unique one. Often started out of need by people who usually don't have any business experience or higher education. Ironic that one of the highest grossing industries in America is the construction market and often begun by these very strong willed individuals. Valued at over $2.1 trillion. That number is astounding. 2,100,000,000,000. That's alotta 2x4s eh? Nonetheless as in every industry there are the companies that execute consistently very well and those who perform poorly that never seem to grow. Somewhere in the middle is where the dreaded "average" live. With that said, let's take a look at what can happen when the underperforming construction firms make the decision to bring on a coach or otherwise considered an advsior. Would you invest a few sheckles to generate millions? Like waiting for late coffee truck, let's get into it.

1) Besides the obvious, it is a smart idea to bring in someone from the outside to see what repetitive mistakes are being made. Ever watch two people argue a point that they both think the other one is wrong only to see that they clearly are both missing what the other is saying? Yep. This happens in our scheduling, estimating, budgeting, marketing, truck / asset acquisitions and payroll far more often than we think.

2) Plateau or stagnation can be a death spiral. Often times when we feel like things may be going in the wrong direction or worse, begin to actually go bad. When this happens most tend to overreact and or overcorrect. This is not a time to be prideful and think "I got us into this, I will get us out." NO. This is the exact moment to reach out. An experienced construction operator has been though this and made far worse mistakes too often and should know exctly what to do. Either from doing all the wrong things or from having success in pulling a company out of a nosedive.

3) Working on the business, not in it. Heard this one before I am sure. But ask yourself, have you just said these words or simply thought them and went right back to what you were doing before? The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results. It is astonishing how many contractors we run into that actually do this. A trained and experienced coach will be able to course correct while providing empathy to illustrate the behavior and prevent this from reoccuring.

4) A breath of fresh air. Ever taken some time away from a project or a task that was seemingly kicking your rafter tail only to come back and absolutley nail it? Have you ever wondered why that happens? Now imagine being able to do that with most of your company's issues? This is what clients consistently state what takes place when they bring in ContractorRx.

5) Your personal life gets better. It is an axiomatic truth that when your construction company is thriving and winning that your personal life seems to drastically improve. As much as we never want to take our work home with us or affect our personal life, IT DOES. We are not robots. Why do we demand so much unemotional strain from ourselves? Better question is: Why would we not want our business and our private life to improve? We owe it to ourselves, our team, and those that care for us to do and be better.


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