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Unlocking Business Success: Why Top Consultants and Coaches Have Built at Least 8-9 Figure Firms

Hey there! Ever noticed how the most sought-after business consultants and coaches seem to have one thing in common? They're not just talkers; they're doers who have walked the walk, building their own 8-9 figure firms. In this blog, we're going to explore why these successful entrepreneurs make the best mentors and how their experiences can be a game-changer for your business. Ready to dive in?

Why Experience Counts in Business Consulting

Picture this: you're climbing Mount Everest. Who would you trust more as your guide? Someone who's read every book on the subject or someone who's actually reached the summit themselves? Business consulting is much the same. Consultants who have personally built highly successful companies bring a wealth of real-world experience. They've navigated the tricky waters of entrepreneurship, and they've got the scars and trophies to prove it.

Learning from Success... and Failure

These high-achieving consultants and coaches have not only tasted success; they've also learned from their failures. As we all know, failure is a great teacher. These folks have firsthand experience of what works and what doesn't, and this insight is invaluable. They can help you sidestep potential pitfalls and steer you towards strategies that have a proven track record.

Networks that Open Doors

Building an 8 or 9 figure business isn't just about smart strategies; it's also about networking. Successful entrepreneurs have built extensive networks that can open doors for your business. From connecting you with the right people to helping you find investment, their contacts can be a goldmine.

Tried-and-Tested Tools and Techniques

These consultants have tried and tested numerous tools and techniques to build their businesses. They can offer you a curated list of resources that have been effective in real-life scenarios, not just in theory. This saves you from the trial-and-error phase, accelerating your path to success.

Customized Strategies Over Cookie-Cutter Solutions

Every business is unique, and successful entrepreneurs understand this. They're more likely to offer customized strategies that fit your specific needs rather than generic, one-size-fits-all solutions. Their experience in building diverse businesses means they can adapt their approach to suit your unique challenges and goals.

A Boost in Credibility and Trust

When a consultant or coach has successfully built a massive company, it immediately boosts their credibility. You know they're not just spouting textbook theories; they've actually applied these principles effectively. This builds trust, which is a crucial element in any coach-client relationship.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

The business world is ever-evolving, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial. These successful entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of trends and changes. They can help you anticipate market shifts and adapt your business accordingly, ensuring you're always one step ahead.

Empathy and Understanding

Lastly, having been in the trenches themselves, these consultants and coaches can empathize with the challenges you face. They've been through the highs and lows and can offer support and guidance that's grounded in understanding and empathy.


  1. Do I need a business consultant or coach with 8-9 figure success for my small business? While it's not a necessity, having such a coach can provide you with insights and strategies that are proven in high-stakes business environments. This can be incredibly beneficial, even for smaller businesses.

  2. How can I verify the success of a potential business consultant? Look for certified third party awards that cannot be faked. The standard litmus test is the coveted INC 5000 or better yet the INC 500. This is vetted by the folks at INC utilizing tax returns. These are the 500/5000 fastest growing private companies in the United States. These are traditionally organziations that have implented few hundred to a few thousand percent of verified growth consistently over 4 years.

  3. Can these consultants help with businesses in any industry? While principles of business success are often universal, it's beneficial if the consultant has experience in your specific industry. However, their broader business acumen can still offer significant value. Pat Riley might be considered one of the greatest basketball coaches of all time and while we think the principles are there he may be just an average football coach. To say he would be better than perhaps a Nick Sabin however, is foolishness.

In conclusion, the best business consultants and coaches bring more to the table than just theoretical knowledge. Their real-world experience in building successful companies makes them uniquely equipped to guide you on your business journey. They've been in the trenches, they've scaled the heights, and they're ready to help you do the same. So, if you're looking for a business mentor, consider someone who's not just talked the talk but walked the walk all the way to the top.

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