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Why Contractors Win & Grow Faster With A 1.5 Strategy

Contractor Rx has cracked the code to ensure a much higher probability for contractors that want to scale beyond the normal 3-20 employees. The following is not a theory but sound counsel that works and saves companies a 10 wheeler full of money & time for training as well as retraining. - Where massive amount of money is lost.

Ready to learn the big advantage that can separate you and your competition? If you are not, why do you have a company? Being closed minded is not the path to success and massive growth. So let us embark on what you need and how you need to think looking ahead to ensure financial security for your team, your clients, and your family. Let's dig into it.

If you were to go on Indeed or Glassdoor how do you measure up when it comes to your office personnel? Benefits? Company car or truck? Retirement? PTO and the list goes on. However, would it surprise you that most companies offer this now. Even the smaller mom and pop contractors. Why? Well, because now they have to just to compete. So, your organization offering this is the bare minimum. The days of expecting people to answer emails on weekends of days off or come in on those days are gone. You can bitch about it but you will be doing that to your dog because the truth is nobody cares and that time is thier time. The ones who gripe and complain about this are antique in their way of thinking. The world will pass you by and rightfully so. Time is important and never more than now.

What if we had a way for you to get more done faster, with better quality, would save you time AND money as well as be able to be more remote as a business owner and you would have less lost production? You would do it, right? I mean if your answer was no, go back to watching reels and blaming others all day. The truth is not only is this possible but many companies are practicing this method.


What is the 1.5 strategy? It's rather simple really. You merely recruit top PMs and operation people 1.5 times the current market rate for compensation. Yes. You create higher revenue and save more on your budget by paying more salary to top tier talent. This doesn't mean to immediately begin paying your existing people more and you will catch lightning in a bottle. However, extensive tests show that most "average" people who work in close proximity with those who overachieve and have a high motor of productivity work 20% more efficiently. Now look up the stats of when you put average performing people near low performance folks.

By recruiting an experienced PM that has proven time effective systems, vast experience in weather and material delays along with customer relations can create a quantum leap for your company. Also, these key people are bringing their networks with them. They have cultivated a vast experienced network over a long period of time. All of which you can now utilize to help your customers get better results. Happier customers = a happier you.

Now, if you are one to think "Well who can afford to pay these people?" - then you are thinking like the average. Those who think this way, live this way and end up this way, average, forever. See, great companies aren't born they are made. Great companies understand this and see this not as a cost but as a required investment. The sooner this is made, the sooner you can either be acquired, retire, work less hours a week to enjoy personal time, or acquire a competitor. All of these sound like progress, no?

"They will just jump to the next company that agrees to pay a little more" Nope. There's two reasons for this and the majority fall into one or the other. They are:

  1. Finally feel adequetly paid group - They are respected and appreciate the one that saw their value first and likely to stay. Also, they honestly don't want to constantly jump around. Re-learning a new CRM each time you jump is a pain in the ass. Commuting schedule and overall comradery at their workplace is hard to replace. Those in this catergory respect time more and are more likely to be more loyal.

  2. Overpaid and know it group - while they perform at a higher level they soon get consumed by the higher salary and they might be tempted to jump from an offer of another 5 grand more a year. They won't. They don't because unless the offer is significantly more they won't because they feel like they really are overpaid. You likely don't have to worry here though. Remember you are already 50% more or 1.5 times the current market rate. The likeliness of someone offering 1.7 or 1.8 tmes rate is super rare.

The thing is that most people think you need to become a large company to afford this level of talent. The truth is you cannot become a large company without top performers. The ones who build big successful companies figure out how to bring in a ninja much sooner than others and "afford" it. You grow by having a group of ninjas. Otherwise having a company that grows to 3-20 employees to 60 will almost NEVER happen, period. Stats and a long line those who have done it will tell you this. Having the same or only a couple more employees on your team after 3 or more years is not crushing it. It honestly is a failure. You are keeping up with average, that yields average results. Not satisfying for more than a month or two, tops. Eventually the same problems creep in. If your goal is to have a simple business for a modest life then by all means! Congrats! However, those who built medium to large firms already, will never want this lifestyle. The truth is it takes the same amount of hours and bullshit to run a 2.5M revenue company than one that does 15M in revenue. The difference is there is far more upside, more time allowed back to you and now you have a sellable company.

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