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Why Generic Coaches Don't Work for Contractors

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

All coaches are effective right? Well, no. Imagine Belichick trying to compete against Phil Jackson in the NBA Finals? I'm not a sports enthusiast but my money is on Phil. If it were an NFL game? The man with the hoodie, all day. Just makes sense doesn't it? So please, when it comes to something as valuable as time and everyone knows we work very, very hard. Why would anyone hire an advisor that has never been involved in our industry? I recently spoke with someone that claims to be a coach. After a 30 minute call which comprised of nearly 25 minutes of them describing their background and why they should be adhered to, I realized the true value in what we do at ContractorRx. We offer proven, time tested, industry born and fostered results.

We are not in the software business or in the tech space. You cannot scale a remodeling company or a plumbing outfit in the same manner or even the same thinking. Telling a the founder of glass company and their team of talented glaziers that they need to follow the same steps as a mortgage company is ridiculous. The fact is contractors are perhaps the hardest group to give sound counsel to. What's worse? Contractors are the least likely to ask for guidance. The ones that do realize the sooner they overcome their ego and seek a battle tested advisor, the sooner they reach their targets. Let us help you get there, faster.

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