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Is Your Contracting Business Sinking (Without you knowing)?

Drowning in opportunity, is still drowing my friends. For a few seconds it feels great to have so many options. At some point however, you need to come to the realization that spending too much time debating all these prospects is eating away at your checkbook and the clock. Also, unless you are a sincere visionary or laser focused on scaling and have done it before, leave this to those who are more profficient at this. If you are an industry beast at managing labor, scheduling, training labor, or spending time with the clients and creating future work, by all means! Continue on this path and bring someone in from the outside to assist in this. Never pull your best assets away from their highest performance. This is a fool's doing and too often done by those who have an ego that they can do everything.

In our book "Unf#@k Your Contracting Business" and throughout our process it is stated time and again, competition happens at the bottom and collaboration is how you get to the top. So, that said, please....."Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick to the sheetrock, and the slate roofs that you're used to"

Investing thousands to have a return of millions seems like a no brainer, no? Well, let's not waste time to reinvent the wheel if you're not an engineer studying centrifugal force.

Onboarding a bolt on service to aid in this is like hiring an army for less than a solid project manager. Well. Invested. Period.


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